About Essjay Composites

1. Who is ESSJAY Composites?
ESSJAY Composites(www.essjaycomposites.com) is a professional group headquartered in Montreal, with global reach. It is spearheaded by a composites veteran with over 30 years of FRP/GRP experience.

2. What are ESSJAY Composites’ key areas of expertise?
In the FRP/GRP realm, Essjay boasts decades of multi-market experience in the composites realm in the areas of:

  • sales & marketing
  • technical services
  • market development
  • marketing communications
  • conducting training workshops
  • markets covered: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle-East
  • Keynote speaker in: New Zealand, US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, India, Sri Lanka

3. What client services does ESSJAY Composites offer?
We offer the following list of services for clients, categorized into 4 broad categories. If you have any other inquiries, please email us. Chances are that we have experience in what you are looking for.

MARKET DEVELOPMENT (project feasibility & complete project planning)

  • Market feasibility studies on fibers/resins/applications/processing techniques
  • Market research & economic analysis on material substitution

PROCESS ANALYSES (including cost reduction & efficiency solutions)

  • Project profiles for client diversification into automated processing techniques
    (pultrusion, filament winding, RTM, spray-up, hot and cold compression molding)
  • Design analysis and optimization of products by various processing techniques for diverse applications
  • Cost reduction techniques: shop floor level through choice of proper reinforcements and resins to maximize strength of molded products (using concepts of glass loading/ % glass content)
  • Productivity increase through reduction in molding cycle time
  • Life-cycle-cost-benefit analysis

B2B MARKETING (including marketing collateral development & public relations activities)

  • Creation of marketing collateral including:
    product brochures, data sheets, sales literature, newsletters (digital+print media & template design), websites
  • All designs targeted towards increasing market visibility, education and reach
  • PR activities via vast portfolio industry & media contacts
  • Facilitating press releases, featured articles, client profiles for publication in trade magazines


  • Organizing trade shows and conferences
  • Conducting practical design/applications development courses specific to market sectors:
  • chemical/corrosion,infrastructure, transportation (road, rail, marine)
  • The above includes case studies on cost-effective solutions on material substitution
  • Presentations to government bodies and end-users on a client’s behalf for business diversification
  • Speaking assignments for seminars, trade shows, informational courses

4. How to hire ESSJAY Composites’s services?
Please submit a request including all details of your requirements to: SS@essjaycomposites.com . Also visit our website : www.essjaycomposites.com for more details on our range of services.

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